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Have you ever been interviewed before?

I’ve been fortunate over the years to participate on a number of live shows and I have enjoyed everyone of them. Each host brings a unique style and flavor to the topic that helps put you at ease with the audience and questions. When it comes to hosts, Carol is up there with the best of them.

As a recent guest on Carol’s show, we talked about the impact social media has had on business growth and professional relationships, and what the future may bring.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!



Carol McManus
The Linkedin Lady

Released Jul 14, 2015

“Nothing gives me more joy that to bring a guest to my listeners who can share expertise AND solid experience about how they use social media to market their brand. Today is that special guest. He is a friend, but more important to my listeners, he is a LinkedIn ninja and has mastered the management of groups. Steve Porcaro is a Business Coach and Mastermind Group Facilitator for medical device sales leaders and professionals. He works with companies to increase sales, leadership and business performance and productivity by using proven techniques to inspire, engage and enable the entire team. You can find him at SalesPlusMVP and you can hear him live today at 4 ET on All Business Radio Network. In addition to hearing his best tips that lead to his clients’ success, we will go deep on how Steve uses social media – specifically LinkedIn. I’ll be asking questions like how he got started managing his own groups, why LinkedIn is his preferred platform, and how the changes LinkedIn has (and is) making impact the utility and success of his efforts.”



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